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FAFU Decodes the Genome of Jasminum Sambac Var. Unifoliatum

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2022-02-02   信息员:

Recently, FAFU research teams led by Professor GUO Yuqiong and Professor LIN Yuling from the College of Horticulture decoded the chromosome-scale genome of Fuzhou Jasminum sambac var. unifoliatum. The related research result entitled “The chromosome-scale genome assembly of Jasminum sambac var. unifoliatum provide insights into the formation of floral fragrance” was published online on “BioRxiv”, a preprint server for Biology.

ZHOU Chengzhe, a Ph.D. student of Flower and Landscape Horticulture at FAFU, is the first author of this paper. Professor GUO Yuqiong and Professor LIN Yuling are the co-corresponding authors. The work has been supported by the Construction of Plateau Discipline of Fujian Province (102/71201801101) and the Construction Project for Technological Innovation and Service System of Tea Industry Chain of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (K1520005A01).


The original article is available at:


Correspondant: College of Horticulture 

Translator: Chen Jun, International College

Zhou Zihui, International College

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