Xiaohong Huang

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Gender: female

Year of birth: 1966

Education: Ph. D.


Professor, Ph. D. supervisor and Vice Dean of Animal Science Department of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Member of the 12th Session of CPPCC Fuzhou Committee

Executive Council Member of the Branch of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Science, CAAV

Council Member of the Branch of Agriculture of the Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Council Member of the Fujian Female Scientists Association

Executive Council Member of the Fujian Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

Member of the Animal Science Teaching Steering Committee for Colleges and Universities under the Ministry of Education as of 2013


Member of the Supporting Program for New Century Outstanding Talent in Fujian Higher Education Institutions

Member of the Fujian New Century Talent Project Program

Fujian Outstanding Teacher Award

Fujian Model Youth Award

Fujian Model Woman Award

Fujian Provincial Excellent Course -Animal Biochemistry


Basic veterinary medicine, animal biochemistry


Presided over 11 provincial research projects and participated in 6 national and provincial research projects

Published 53 articles, 6 of which cited by SCI

Won Second Prize of Fujian Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress for 4 times (1 project presided over and 3 participated in)

Research on the isolation and purification, properties of the alkaline, and modifier’s impact on enzyme activity of bacillus thuringensis chitinase, and of N-acety-beta-D-glucosaminidase of cotton bollworm, macrobrachium mipponensis, eriocheir sinensis, and inhibitory kinetics on polyphenol oxidase


Animal Biochemistry (a national textbook for higher education)

Animal Biochemistry Exercise Book, deputy chief editor, China Agriculture University Press

Introduction to Chemistry of Life, editor, China Agriculture Press

Chemical Information Searching of Organics’ Constitutional Formula, Xiamen University Press