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Synchronous-remote demo of province-level online open course “Classical Chinese Furniture”

 Time: 2016-12-22  Author:   

Synchronous-remote demo of province-level online open course Classical Chinese Furniture

On the afternoon of December 22nd, Classical Chinese Furniture by Liu Xueshen, the lecturer of Wood Science Department at College of MaterialEngineering, FAFU, was shared simultaneously online by 300-strong teacher-student community on Jinshan, Qishan and Anxi Campuses. The so-called synchronous-remote teaching is a pilot project at our university and blessed with the presence of such participants as Chen Jianhui, the executive vice-director of Administrative Committee on Qishan campus and concurrently secretary of the party committee at College of MaterialEngineering, Fan Shenglong, the vice-director of Administrative Committee on Qishan campus, Yu Jianhui, chief of Teaching and Learning Office, Lin Jinguo and Rao Jiuping, two associate deans of College of MaterialEngineering, department heads and teachers. Among them, Zen Bingsheng, the deputy director of Office of Educational Administration and concurrently director of Enrollment Office, and Rao Jiuping, the associate dean of College of MaterialEngineeringpresided in the demonstration on Jinshan and Qishan campus respectively.

Classical Chinese Furniture is one of province-level open courses. This demo also serves as a teacher-and-student meeting and an introduction to the course. On the subject of Exquisite Furniture, Extensive Culture, Mr. Liu elaborated on furniture varieties, styles and structure, and extended to the evolution of national lifestyle and ideology from a chronological perspective. The lecture was also interspersed with academic exchanges and practical cases among three campuses, to realize such positive effects as synchronous-remote learning, online release of findings and interaction, and to broaden students and teachers horizon beyond the limits of time and space.

It is reported that the synchronous-remote demonstration was sponsored by Office of Educational Administration and Center for Faculty Teaching Development, and co-undertaken by College of Material Engineering and Training Base for Faculty Teaching Capability Development. It is one of the most exciting undertakings to reform classroom teaching pattern through the application of modern information technology, and meant to establish innovative teaching models and an interactive informatization platform.  

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