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Forestry Engineering

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Forestry Engineering

1. Training objectives:

Forestry Engineering mainly trains the development direction of the subject and international academic research frontier, and to master certain knowledge of related disciplines, master advanced methods of scientific research, which has an independent engaged in teaching, research, climb the peak of the discipline and to open up new areas of creative achievements ability to preside over scientific research, technological development projects, explore topics at the forefront of academic development. Have a good health to adapt to the construction work and wood processing, forest products industry, biomass, biomass energy and the reconstruction of related industries to develop the work. Proficiency in a foreign language, a foreign language can be used to accurately read the professional foreign materials, conduct of the professional learning, research, and has a certain ability for international academic exchanges.

2. Research direction

1) Wood and non-wood composites materials

2) Plant Resources and Chemical Engineering

3) Properties and the use of wood materials

4) Biomass pyrolysis and carbon materials

5) Pulp and Paper Engineering

6) Biomass energy and materials

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