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Pulp and paper making engineering

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Pulp and paper making engineering

1.Training Objectives

Pulp and paper engineering training master light industrial technology and engineering theory of solid basic theory and professional knowledge, has strong ability to solve practical problems, can undertake professional technical management work, has the good professional quality of high-level talents. Students can work in the pulp and paper, fermentation, leather, dyeing and finishing, forest chemical, biological, chemical, petrochemical and other textile research institutes, institutions of higher learning in the field of chemical industry, technical supervision, commodity inspection and other administrative institutions and enterprises in the relevant field of teaching, scientific research, plant design, product development, production management, etc.

2.Research direction

1)Pulping chemistry and engineering

2)Papermaking chemical and engineering

3)Plant resources of chemical and materials

4)Environmental chemistry and engineering

5)Pulping and papermaking equipment and control

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