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Wood Science and Technology

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Wood Science and Technology

1. Training objectives:

The Wood Science and Technology curriculum is designed to prepare high-quality engineer and technical personnel for the challenges of ever-growing biomaterials, sustainable construction industry career.To meet society's needs,the students are required to have basic theoretical knowledge about biomass materials, furniture engineering, and professions skills, including experimental operation, process design, product performance testing analysis, production technology management, and new product development, and so on. The professionals are capable of developing and researching products, designing factories, controlling manufacturing process, and managing business in the fields of biomass and furniture engineering. Graduates may work in the research institutes, universities, technical supervision, inspection, and other administrative units and enterprises, in the related fields.

2. The main research directions:

1) Wood Material Science

2) Paint & Coatings

3) Wooden and non-wooden composites

4) Wood Processing Equipment and Process Automation

5) Furniture Design and Engineering

6) Wood drying

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