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Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products(082903)

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Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products(082903)

1. CultivationObjectives

    The objective of Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products was to cultivate high-quality talents in technologyandengineering, who can be qualified to develop and exploit product, design factory, control product processing and operate company with basic theoretical knowledge, basic skills of specialized experiment, process design, detection analysis, technology administrate and development of new product. The graduates can work at enterprises which refer to fine chemistry and daily chemicals, forest chemical industry, petrochemical, biochemical engineering et al. and administrative institutions, namely technical supervision bureau, commodityinspection bureau, researchinstitutes, universities et al. to be occupied in education, scientific research, product development, manufacturing management, management, quality inspection, commerce, et al.

2.Research Direction

1)Extraction chemical and bioactive substance

2)Biomass pyrolysis and carbon material

3)Biomass energy and chemicals

4)Wood chemical protection and modification

5)Chemical process and automatic control

6)Environmental chemical and engineering

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