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The College of Materials Engineering organized teachers and students to watch ten million students attend a national security education class
The teachers and students of the College of Materials and Engineering and college students of all over the universities had a same class on ideological and political coursesabout epidemic prevention and control
Turning crisis into opportunity and upgrading -- Jianou ZhoushiBiotechnology Company Treasure from Bamboo hand sanitizer was successfully launched
There is no break in the integration of production, teaching and research. The Collage of Materials andEngineering actively carried out social service work against the COVID - 19
The College of Material and Engineering has taken multiple measures to prevent and control the epidemic among teachers and students
The College of Materials andEngineering organized teachers and students to watch and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China
Yang Wu, a researcher from Huaqiao University, was invited to give a lecture on laboratory safety management
College of Materials and Engineeringcombined with College of Traffic and Civil Engineering to hold campus supply and demand meeting for 2019’s graduate together in Qishancampus
The sixth member representative conference of Fujian Papermaking Association was held in our university
The course Chinese classical furniture of the College of Material and Engineering was launched on the platform of learning from powerful nation
Student in our college who donated his own hematopoietic stem cells shows the world great love
College of Materials and Engineering organized volunteers to carry out a series of rural vitalization activities to help targeted poverty alleviation and service rural vitalization
Material Science and Engineering of our college passed the Taiwan IEET Engineering Education Certification
Synchronous-remote demo of province-level online open course “Classical Chinese Furniture”

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