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The construction introduction of College of Material Engineering

        The College of Material Engineering established post - doctoral mobile station of forestry engineering, which as a first-class discipline, has the right to award doctoral degree in forestry engineering. In addition, three disciplines of wood science and technology, chemical processing engineering of forest products, biomass energy and material are also approved the second-level disciplines to award the doctoral degrees. The college is also authorized to confer four academic master degrees in wood science and technology, chemical processing engineering of forest products, pulp and paper engineering, biomass energy and material, two professional master degrees in forestry engineering and light industry technology and engineering. The college offers five undergraduate majors, including wood science and engineering, material science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, light chemical engineering, along with one new major in new energy science and engineering. The College has a “forest product processing” key discipline of Fujian Province "211" project, and a "Wood Science and Technology” key discipline of Fujian provincial higher school. One biomass materials laboratory has been co-established by central and local governments. In addition, there are several practice centers which include Fujian biomass materials Engineering Research Center, Fujian plant resources in chemistry and materials technology development base, Fujian plant fiber materials engineering experimental teaching demonstration center, Fujian forestry engineering graduate education innovation base, and cultivation of forest resources and deep processing innovation platform of Fujian college preponderant discipline Innovation Platform project. The College has entered a good situation, which reflects in the features of plant resources chemistry and biomass materials, takes the advantage of wood science and technology while chemical engineering, light industry, material science, furniture and new energy science and technology developing coordinately with 6 research fields including bio-energy, bio-composite material, biomass engineering material, biomass porous absorbent material, bio-chemical, biomass cleaner production technology.

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