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The teaching staff 0f Material engineering college

  Our college consists of 63 teaching staff and has 45 full-time teachers. Among them ,there is one double hiring academician, one specially-appointed professorof Jinshan’s cholar,15 professors,16 associate professors,12 lecturers and 2 teaching assistants,the ratio of Senior title of professional teachers is 69%, and 28 people have Doctoral degree which accounts 62% of teachers. College has 10Doctoral Supervisors, 8 returned overseas teachers, 3 candidates of pacesetter project of Fujian province, one prominent teacher of Fujian province, one owner of Youth science of Fujian province,3 new century’s talents of Fujian province, more than 10 prominent teachers take the post of the national academic positions. At present, teachers’structure of specialty、degree、age、title and knowledge edge is reasonable, which can meet the needs of multi-level talent cultivation. In order thatOur college reorganize the faculty, now Our college has built 6 research and development groups, include the biomass -composite materials, biomass energy, biomass- engineering materials, biomass-adsorption material, biomass chemicals and biomass-cleaner production .By the way of encouraging talents to stand out ,our college has formed a pleasant working atmosphere that all people devote to the development of subjects.


Materials Science and EngineeringDepartment

Department director: Yang wen-bin

Members:  Deng Shao-ping   Liu Ren-hui   Zhang Ming-xi  

Zhang Su-mei   Chen Han-xian   Chen Yan-dan   Lin Ming  


Wood Science and Engineering Department

Department director:  Lin Qiao-jia

Members:  Niu Min  Ma Shi-chun  Wang Chuan-yao  Li Ji-qing

Liu Xue-shen  Chen Rui-ying  Lu Ji-sheng   Lin Qiao-jia

Lin Jin-guo  Rao Jiu-ping  Hou Lun-deng  Zhao He 

Huang Xiao-dong  Zeng Qin-zhi  Xie Yong-qun



Light Chemical Engineering Department

Department director:  Huang Liu-lian

Members:  Ma Xiao-juan  Chen Li-hui  Chen Jin-wen

 Luo Xiao-lin  Miao Qing-xian  Cao Shi-lin

Chemical Engineering and Craft Department

Director:  Huang Biao

Members:  Lu Ze-xiang  Liu Kai  Chen Yan  Lin Yong-mei

Zheng De-yong  Liao Yi-qiang  Tan Fei

Experiment  center

Director:  Rao Jiu-ping

Members: Tang Xing-ping  Lin Jin-chun  Chen Xiao-yun

Bian Li-ping  Wei Qi-hua   Lin Shan

Doctoral Supervisor

Chen Li-hui    Chen Rui-ying   Huang Biao    Huang Liu-lian  

 Lin Jin-guo   Lin Qiao-jia    Qiu Ren-hui    Xie Yong-qun 

Yang Wen-bin

Master's  tutors

Chen Li-hui    Chen Rui-ying    Chen Xue-rong    Chen Yan-dan

Huang Biao    Hou Lun-deng   Huang Liu-lian    Lu Ze-xiang

Lin Jin-guo   Li Ji-qing    Lu Ji-sheng b   Lin Qiao-jia

Liao Yi-qiang   Miao Qing-xian  Ma Shi-chun   Qiu Ren-hui

Rao Jiu-ping   Wang Chuan-yao   Yang Wen-bin  Xie Yong-qun

Zeng Qin-zhi   Deng Shao-ping   Zheng De-yong    Cao Shi-lin

Huang Xiao-dong

College of Materials Engineering     TEL:0591-83715175