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  MaterialEngineering College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was established in April 2001, its predecessors were department of forestry and industry of Fujian College(founded in 1958) and department of forestry products industry of Fujian Forestry College (founded in 1973). The college consists of wood science and engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, light chemical engineering, new energy science and engineering and so forth, a total of 5 undergraduate majors; established post-doctoral research station of forestry engineering; owned 1 doctoral programs with grade-1 discipline in forestry engineering; 3 doctoral programs with grade-2 discipline in wood science and technology, chemical processing engineering of forest products and bioenergy and materials; possessed 1 first grade master programs in forestry engineering; 4 academic master programs with grade-2 discipline in wood science and technology, chemical processing engineering of forest products, pulp and paper engineering and bioenergy and materials; 2 professional masters programs in forestry engineering and light industry technology and engineering; had forest products processing key subjects of "211" engineering in Fujian province, “wood science and technology” key discipline of colleges and universities in Fujian province; and it also set up light chemical engineering and mechanical and electrical integration disciplines of adult education and undergraduate course speciality. Now the college owns 1400 full-time undergraduate students, 70 master and doctor graduate students.

  The college has 63 staff and 45 full-time teachers, of which 1 two-hired academician, 1 Jinshan Scholars professor, 15 professors, 16 associate professors, 12 lecturers, 2 assistants, teachers with senior title accounts for 69 % of all; 28 teachers with doctor's degree occupyies 62%. The college has 10 doctoral supervisors, 8 overseas returnees, 3 persons for " Millions of Talents Project " of Fujian province, 1 person of excellent teachers in Fujian province, 1 person of award for Youth Science and Technology of Fujian Province, 3 people of New Century Talents in Fujian province, in addition, there are more than 10 outstanding teachers serve as nationwide academic positions.

  The college has set up distinctive discipline biomass materials laboratory based on the central and local governments, Biomass Materials Engineering Technology Research Center of Fujian province, Plant Resources of Chemistry And Material Technology Development Base of Fujian Province, Graduate Education Innovation Base in Forestry Engineering of Fujian province, Experiments and Teaching Demonstration Center of Vegetable Fiber Materials Engineering in Colleges and universities in Fujian Province, and other research and experiment platforms. College has laboratory area with 4220 m2, instruments and equipment with nearly about 26000000 yuan. The center established a plant fiber material preparation laboratory, testing laboratories, analysis laboratory, engineering training platform, scientific and technological innovation platform, a totle of 5 laboratories; founded wooden engineering material preparation, furniture and wood products production, pulp and paper, chemical separation, chemical storage, material performance test, wood science, infrared spectroscopy, composite engineering training and biomass composite innovation platform, 43 labs. Build up more than 10 practice bases including Hengan group company, Vader group company, Fujian Nanping Paper Co. Ltd, Furen wood industry corporation, Jinniu cement corporation, Fujian southeast electrochemical Co. Ltd, etc.

  In the past 5 years, college had undertaken 1 project with international cooperation, 1 National Science and Technology Support plan, 2 agriculture transformation projects of National Ministry of Science and Technology, 15 National Natural Science Fund projects, 26 provincial and ministerial level key projects, 30 "6.18" of Fujian province projects, the total project funds are about 30000000 yuan. Additionally, we had won 1 two-grade prize of National Science and Technology Achievement, 1 Provincial Technology Invention prize, 9 province and ministry science and technology progress two or three grade prizes, 20 authorized invention patents, 15 published books, more than 500 papers, above 30 identification results, more than 20 scientific and technological achievements have been industrialized and more than 40 papers have been embodied or referenced by SCI, EI, ISTP.

  The college has formed excellent multidisciplinary and coordinated development situation with material subject, light and chemical subject, chemical engineering and new energy speciality, based on plant resources of chemistry and biomass material  and wood science and engineering specialty. And it organized 5 research teams and established six research direction: biomass composite materials, biomass engineering material, biomass adsorption material, biomass chemical products, biomass clean production technology and bioenergy fields.

  For student management, college insists on policy of “ the whole stuff eduaction, the whole process of educating, all-round education”, carries out special activities to promote study style, advanced model to guide study style, good class and dormitory style to lead study style etc and have achievedsignificative results. The college have obtained the tittle of Graduates Employment Work Advanced Unit of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University for 4 consecutive years, won Advanced Unit of Student Management Work of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University for 2 consecutive years, 1 student won the title of "National Excellent League member" and 1 students won the first scholarship of University of British Columbia and was sent to study abroad. In the sixth "Challenge Cup" University Student Business Plan Competition of Fujian Province, a team from material and engineering college has won a gold medal and take part in the seventh "Challenge Cup" Chinese University Students Business Plan on behalf of Fujian province and won the bronze medal, in addition, there are two teams, who won silver prize of Fujian province.

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