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The college of materials engineering holds a teaching salon for the construction of golden courses under the power of information technology

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The college of materials engineering holds a teaching salon for the construction of golden courses under the power of information technology


In order to further the implementation of the national conference on education and the new era of national spirit of job of undergraduate course education of colleges and universities, and to strengthen the basic status of undergraduate course teaching, deepening the reform of undergraduate education and teaching, building first-class undergraduate programs, materials engineering college furniture design and engineering fujian provincial team invited super star group courses applied for class teaching Kong Xinkai operations director, professor of huazhong normal university college of liberal arts, Colombia, the public administrative college under the famous teachers in our school teacher xu ping three experts as a speaker in the afternoon on November 11 held in room 201 of the peak district under the information technology can assign a gold construction teaching salon.

         At the beginning of the activity, rao jiuping, deputy dean of teaching of the college, introduced the important purpose of holding this teaching activity. He called on the teachers to take the initiative to recognize changes, respond to changes and seek changes, and improve the teaching quality and educational level through the reform and innovation of classroom teaching. During the activity, director kong xinkai of super star group, centering on the spirit of the implementation opinions on the construction of first-class undergraduate courses issued by the ministry of education recently, put forward valuable Suggestions on the implementation path of the five golden courses, especially the mixed golden courses. She used vivid humor, simple language and the excellent curriculum construction cases of famous teachers in fudan university, wuhan university and central China normal university to interpret the profound meaning of gender once and the specific method of making the curriculum excellent, making the teachers strong and making the students busy. Professor xu min interacted with the teachers on the spot and had in-depth communication with them. From the perspective of pedagogy, she gave a wonderful comment on the cases of informationized teaching design of many students. Wu Xuping teacher introduced to the teachers five-step teaching design based information teaching design method, and combined with own teaching experience and the growth process, to mobilize the teachers, especially the young teachers teaching practice and teaching reform research, actively carry out informatization to gradually grow into young teachers knowledge disseminator, the creator and the teaching researchers. Finally, the school of furniture design and engineering provincial teaching team jin-guo Lin, head of the professor of this salon is summarized, his high pay for guest speaker and present teacher thank you actively participate in together, and said in the future will continue to hold similar teaching activities, hope that more experts of other universities, teachers, colleagues to come to guidance, communication, through the first-class course construction to discuss the first-class professional development are discussed.

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