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The seminar on the construction of first-class courses integrated with curriculum ideology and politics to build golden courses was held

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The seminar on the construction of first-class courses integrated with curriculum ideology and politics to build golden courses was held


On December 23, the school of material engineering held a teaching seminar on the construction of first-class courses integrated with curriculum ideology and politics to build the golden course by virtue and cultivating people in room 201 of qishan teaching building. Thirty-nine teachers from the school of materials engineering attended the teaching seminar.

Seminars around into the first-class course construction of course education, the national first-class courses, head of the national outstanding teachers, the school teaching masters, marxism school Lin, vice President of the wise to do the ' course education 'cognitive and implementation path the theme of the share, guides everybody to cognitive course why there are course education, sequence professional curriculum knowledge and course education, the relationship between professional course to illustrate how the course education meaning to realize educational function, summarizes the classification of ideological elements in professional course hierarchy and fu can level, illustrates the professional course in the implementation of the course education path. At the same time, we share eight teaching methods with ideological and political characteristics, and how to design and organize curriculum ideological and political from a new perspective. To do a good job of curriculum ideological and political, the key is for teachers to be familiar with the curriculum and the curriculum system, pay attention to the condensed degree and fit degree of ideological and political elements, and enhance their own professional ability and teaching ability.

Professor zheng lifeng, who is in charge of the national first-class courses, a famous teacher and supervisor of the university, gave a teaching demonstration of course thinking and politics for engineering courses. Through the teaching of structural mechanics, Ms. Zheng lifeng demonstrated how to excavate and integrate the elements of curriculum ideology and politics into engineering courses, which was more in line with the requirements of engineering education certification. Zhao He teacher share the furniture and architectural history course preliminary ideological construction, explore into the education of teaching design,, head of the national first-class courses, the school teachers teaching trainer Liu Xueshen and li-feng zheng teacher has carried on the review, to Zhao He teacher's teaching design requires teachers to establish cultural confidence, actively explore the implementation of the course education approach.

Qiu renhui, dean of the college, and rao jiuping, deputy dean of the college participated in the teaching seminar. President qiu renhui asked the teachers to take the curriculum as the basis, make good use of classroom teaching as the main channel, put the ideological and political education concept throughout the whole course teaching process, design the curriculum ideological and political education in the specialized courses, and become a good teacher in the minds of students. Rao jiuping, vice President of the school, encouraged the teachers to take professional courses as the basis to do a good job in educating students, promote the cooperation between professional courses and ideological and political courses, and carry out the fundamental task of cultivating students with morality.

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