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Dr. Huang Zhaohui, Professor of Minjiang scholars' lecture, came to the university to hold an academic seminar

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Dr. Huang Zhaohui, Professor of Minjiang scholars' lecture, came to the university to hold an academic seminar

At 10:00 a.m. on August 28, Dr. Huang Zhaohui, Professor of Minjiang scholar lecture, made an academic report entitled "Numerical Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures in Fire" in conference room 310, comprehensive building, Qishan campus. The report meeting is presided over by Lin Jinguo, vice president of College of Material Engineering. More than 30 teachers, graduate students and international students from the College of Material Engineering and the College of Transportation and Civil Engineering attended the conference.

        At first, Professor Huang Zhaohui introduced the numerical analysis method under the fire condition of reinforced concrete structure. Then he introduced the numerical analysis method to study the burst of reinforced concrete in case of fire. The model of concrete unit, reinforced beam unit and slab structure unit are used to calculate and corresponding to the existing experimental research structure. Study the adaptability and rationality of numerical analysis model to provide basis and support for architectural design. Finally, Professor Huang communicated with the participants about the reasons and methods of reinforced concrete structure cracking, and answered the questions raised by teachers and students.

Speaker Introduction:

Huang Zhaohui, Professor of Civil Engineering Department of Bruner University, member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the British Institute of Structural Engineers, member of the review expert Institute of the British Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), editorial board member of several international research journals and academic advisory committee member of international conferences. Professor Huang also serves as an external examiner for doctoral degrees in Universities in the UK and Australia. The main research areas include: Dynamics, thermal and safety performance of buildings in case of fire.Explosion and earthquake resistance of buildings, non-linear computational mechanics, multi-scale calculations, new fire-resistant and fire-resistant and thermal insulation building materials, new durable cement materials, biomass energy, etc. The main teaching courses include: analysis and design of building structure, fire safety engineering, finite element analysis and calculation, computational mechanics, engineering mechanics, computer simulation, multi-scale calculation, etc. Professor Huang has published more than 100 papers in world-class professional research journals and international conferences, of which more than 60 are SCI papers. As an invited expert, he reviews scientific research projects for National Science Foundation such as Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, etc. Professor Huang won the technology innovation and Application Award from the British Computer Society and the Structural Engineering Research Award from the American Society of civil engineers. He also created Vulcan Solutions Ltd.

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