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Yang Wu, a researcher from Huaqiao University, was invited to give a lecture on laboratory safety management

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Yang Wu, a researcher from Huaqiao University, was invited to give a lecture on laboratory safety management

In order to further strengthen the laboratory safety, improve the teachers' and students' safety consciousness, improve the capacity of prevention and control of laboratory safety management and prevent safety accidents. Yang Wu, a researcher from Huaqiao University, was invited to give a lecture on laboratory safety management by our collegeat room 402, Qishan campus at 15:00 on September 26. The lecture topic is analysis and practice of university laboratory safety management system. The lecture was hosted by associate professor Jiuping Rao who is vice president of the College of Materials and Engineering and in charge of teaching and laboratory. More than 100 teachers and students from the Qishan campus of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University attended the lecture.

ResearcherYang Wu has rich experience in laboratory safety management, and has unique insights in the aspects of hierarchical laboratory construction and optimization of laboratory construction project performance evaluation.He mainly expounded the research on laboratory safety management system, which included laboratory safety accident case analysis, the importance and urgency of laboratory safety, laboratory safety system components, laboratory safety management system construction and other aspects. Yang Wu believed that the major laboratory safety accidents include fire, explosion, poisoning, mechanical and electrical injuries, equipment damage, biosafe accidents, etc. He listed major national cases to illustrate the seriousness of the accident more directly and vividly. He argued that it is entirely avoidable to seize the opportunity to eliminate the unsafe factors before a major accident occurs, which requires us to establish a sound laboratory safety management system, cultural system and technical support system. Finally, researcher Yang Wu introduced the efforts and achievements of Huaqiao University in laboratory safety management system construction by taking the laboratory safety management system construction of huaqiao university as an example.

After the report, President of College of Materials and Engineering Renhui Qiu expressed his gratitude to researcher Wu Yang and hoped that all the teachers and students could attach great importance to the laboratory safety and put it into practice. This lecture is of great significance, and the wonderful lecture content of researcher Yang Wu who impressed everyone deeply, which is of great help to the construction of our laboratory safety management.


About the Speaker:

Professor Yang Wu is the former executive director of the national university laboratory management committee, vice chairman and deputy secretary-general of laboratory management committee in Fujian’s universities, former director and researcher of the laboratory and equipment management office of Huaqiao University, member of the laboratory safety inspection team of theHuaqiao University, and supervision expert of the Huaqiao University experiment teaching. He was awarded the honorary titledAdvanced Worker of Laboratory Management Branch of China Higher Education Association and Outstanding Worker of Laboratory Management Major of Fujian Higher Education Association.

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