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There is no break in the integration of production, teaching and research. The Collage of Materials andEngineering actively carried out social service work against the COVID - 19

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There is no break in the integration of production, teaching and research. The Collage of Materials andEngineering actively carried out social service work against the COVID - 19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, The Collage of Materials and Engineering has earnestly implemented the school's overall deployment requirements of Teaching without interruption, learning online, given full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and teachers and the disciplinary and professional advantages of the excellent scientific research, and continuously promoted the school's social service work.

Professor Biao Huang's team develops new products for enterprises in the laboratory


Party member professor Yongqun Xie just retired, it was urgent to provide professional advice on the scientific selection of fire and waterproof materials for large space temperature and humidity control system for Aolan Industrial CO. Ltd. (FuJian) during the outbreak of the epidemic. The state council discipline evaluation group member, party member professor Biao Huang, led his group teachers to work overtime to accelerate the experimental work of plant source sterilizing fungicide and evaluated the potential of its application in the prevention of novel coronavirus. On the other hand, he provided technical service and guidance for the production process and equipment of plant derived fungicides and new carbon materials for Jian 'ou HengShun Carbon Industry Co. Ltd. by phone or online, which minimized the impact of the outbreak on enterprise production. In the meanwhile, professor Biao Huang's team was also entrusted by the government of WuYiShan city to carry out the scientific and technological promotion work of the key project of WuYiShan city,  authentic and special fuel rods for smoking. he also designed production line of fuel rods and formulated the production and application specifications of the special fuel rod for fumigation. Party member professor Zhanhui Yuan's team continued to provide targeted guidance on new product research and development, new factory construction planning, intellectual property layout and 2020 production and r&d plan for FuZhou Qining Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. , and assisted the company to resume orderly production after work stoppage. This team also worked with ZheJiang Ruicheng Technology Co. Ltd. to help the company find a response plan during the outbreak and put forward many constructive suggestions for the company's patent application, talent introduction and listing in 2020. Jiuping Rao, associate professor and party member and vice subdecanal, still actively promoted the cooperation with enterprises during the epidemic. He assisted Furen Group Forest Industry Co. Ltd. to apply for Fujian Province regional development project in 2020key technology and industrialization demonstration of producing ultra-thin bamboo particleboard with bamboo processing residues. They jointly formulated the ultra-thin bamboo particleboard industry group standards, the project intended to make full use of the province's rich bamboo resources advantage and help enterprises to obtain new profit growth point, to ease the impact of the epidemic on enterprise efficiency.

Associate professor Jinghong Liu is on duty for epidemic prevention and control in Zhenghe County forestry bureau

Jinghong Liu, a party member and a teacher who is currently deputy director of Nanping municipal administration and county forestry bureau, returned to his temporary post on the third day of the lunar New Year. He actived as apublicitygroup leader of epidemicprevention and control, and immediately participated in the publicity work of forestry-related epidemic prevention and control information of the forestry bureau. He mobilized the local people to carry out mass prevention and treatment by means of continuous inspection and surprise inspection, and led the working group to conduct in-depth investigation of the situation of wildlife breeding enterprises and forest families in the county, provided scientific and effective guidance and policy basis for the local epidemic prevention and control work


JinghongLiu , associate professor, went to the countryside to publicize the knowLtdge of epidemic prevention and control


In addition, during the epidemic period, many young excellent teachers in the college carried out remote technology to support the cooperative enterprises by telephone, email, WeChat, QQ and other ways. For example, associate professor Yan Chen helped the Fuzhou Yaolong Chemical Co. Ltd. by telephone to find and solve the problems of affecting source of the type of coal gasification. Huichao Hu , associate professor, continued to provide technical support for dissolving pulp refining for Fujian Qingshan Paper Co. Ltd. to ensure that the company's new product research and development will not be affected by the epidemic. Nailong Chen, associate professor, put forward suggestions on the transformation of coating production line of ventilation window material in WuPing Longing technology Co. Ltd. and gave suggestions on the application of environmental-friendly soybean based adhesive in its products in Fujian Gelv Wood Industry Co. Ltd. They strike to their posts, overcame difficulties together with the enterprises, and played a key role in resume production of related enterprises. They not only tired their best to improve the social services of the college, but have played a important role in sustaining steady development of the local economy. They let people from all over the word know the voice and excellent action of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.

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