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The teachers and students of the College of Materials and Engineering and college students of all over the universities had a same class on ideological and political coursesabout epidemic prevention and control

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The teachers and students of the College of Materials and Engineering and college students of all over the universities had a same class on ideological and political coursesabout epidemic prevention and control

According to the unified arrangement of the school, on the afternoon of March 9, the College of Materials and Engineering organized all the teachers and students to watch the live broadcast of the course college students in China have a huge ideological and political class on epidemic prevention and control jointly held by the Social Science Department of the Ministry of Education and the People's Daily online.

College students are watching the course online

Thisideological and political course was gave by Silin Ai, Xuan Qin, Binglin Wang and Xiujun Feng four professors. They combined their speeches with contents of 4 required courses——Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism, Introduction to Zedong Mao Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Outline of Modern and Contemporary History of China, Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis. They deeply interpreted the decision and deployment of PresidentXiJinping who is general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, they analyzed the significant advantages of the leadership of the communist party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, which are manifested in the fight against the epidemic in China. Whats more, they told touching stories about epidemic prevention and guided college students to fulfill their historical mission in order to give college ideological and political courses a important role in implementing the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality.

Teachers and students are communicating and discussing online

The course content also caused a strong response among the faculty and students.Before and after the live broadcast, all of the class teachers and counselors conducted online study discussion and question-and-answercommunication with the students through WeChat group, QQ group and Learning from Powerful Nation group. All of them have expressed that this ideological and political class has a clear theme, rich content, rational and meaningful, deeply enlightening and educational, and is full of heart-warming power in the special period, caused all the teachers and students have a better understanding of their own responsibilities and responsibilities

MengtingCao, graduate student of Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products, is living in the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province. She said, this ideological and political lecture has strengthened our confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.Although she is not at the forefront of the epidemic, she will try her own best to do her job well and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.Finally,she also said she will contribute herself to the victory of the epidemic prevention and control.

Under the leadership of the communist party of China, tens of thousands of people who work against disease worked day and night. They worked one by one and they let the world know strongest voice of China.As college students, we will also use what we have learned to repay the motherland and the people, and we also know youth have to assume historical responsibility and responsibility.

Jianguo Li, head teacher of 2016 grade undergraduate students and teacher of the Department of Light Chemical Engineering said, in such a special period, and through this section education courses, realizing the combination of a huge class on fighting the epidemic with todays course, which not only guides students to learn skills of analyzing problems in scientific and rational way and provids demonstration guidance and method support for teachers who are conducting online teaching on how to have a good class in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control.

Dong Wu, secretary of the youth league committee of the college and an undergraduate instructor of the class of 2018, said, this ideological and political precious course not only encourages our front-line ideological and political educators, but also further enhances our sense of political responsibility. At this critical juncture, we must adhere to the student-centered concept, make education will guide the majority of students patriotic feelings, build the confidence of wining the epidemic, firmly assume the national rejuvenation of the faith and realize your excellent life with faith.

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