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The College of Material and Engineering has taken multiple measures to prevent and control the epidemic among teachers and students

 Time: 2020-02-18  Author:   

The College of Material and Engineering has taken multiple measures to prevent and control the epidemic among teachers and students

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, the College of Material and Engineering immediately implemented the deployment of the superior and the university on epidemic prevention and control, made sure that college will be responsible for each person, ensured that the implementation of various prevention and control measures are in place. Finally, college will win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

improving political standing and consolidating responsibility for prevention and control. On January 28, the college immediately held an expanded meeting of the party committee to make special plans for epidemic prevention and control, and formulated a work plan for dealing with the pneumonia epidemic caused by novel coronavirus.College will implement a system of graded responsibility and promptly implement the work of prevention and control of epidemic diseases among students and teachers.We will accurately gain the health status and travel trend of each teacher and student, constantly improve the database of teachers and students' situation, ensure the accuracy of the data reported every day,and strengthen the first line of defense for grassroots epidemic prevention and control.

Strengthening the organizational support, building a strong security line.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the college has strictly implemented the requirements of the superior, entered the combat state at the first time, and timely improved the epidemic prevention and control system of the department. We argue that the responsibility of prevention and control shall be transferred to all staff and students, and the prevention and control measures shall be implemented to all teachers and students. All the political and work cadres voluntarily gave up the rest time during the Spring Festival holiday, stuck to their posts, followed up the students' situation every day, and timely sorted out and conveyed various notices, instructions and prevention and control publicity materials from the superior, so as to ensure the orderly implementation and completion of the school's epidemic prevention and control work.

Strengthening publicity and education, popularizing knowledge of epidemic prevention. The college adopts the mode of party building + publicity, and uses official website of the college, learning from powerful nation, WeChat, QQ and other ways to issue information. Until now, we have published more than 30 notices, circulars and learning materials to ensure that the superior department spirit and requirements of prevention and control should be conveyed to each teacher and student. Teachers and students should enhance the awareness of prevention and control. Guiding them to do a good job in personal and family protection at the same time, to comply with the school and local government during the epidemic prevention provisions. As a sutdent or a teacher of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, we should give a good example and leading role in this special period.

Mobilizing teachers and students to work together to combat the epidemic.In the face of the epidemic, no one can stay out. Under the leadership of local government departments, Party branches and Youth League branches of the college organize and mobilize the students dispersed in the whole country to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control work in hometown. A large number of party members and league members, represented by Lingying Wu, Zixuan Wang and Jiaxin Chen, joined the volunteers to assist the local population screening, epidemic prevention registration, policy publicity and other work, which interpreted the mission of college students in the new era with practical actions.

We will not stop the teaching duty—Online teaching.According to the unified deployment of the university, the college instructs teachers to prepare for online courses. Teachers of each class should timely adjust the teaching plan, improve the teaching materials,devote themselves into the online teaching preparatory work. At present, our college has introduced and built its own MOOC through the superstar silver online and loving course platform to open 19 online courses to ensure the smooth implementation of the teaching work in the new semester.

             Currentlly, the epidemic prevention and control work has entered a critical period, there must be no slack. All the teachers and students of the College of Material and Engineering will continue to earnestly implement the requirements of the superior, finish a tough job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control campaign.

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