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The course Chinese classical furniture of the College of Material and Engineering was launched on the platform of learning from powerful nation

 Time: 2019-04-04  Author:   

The course Chinese classical furniture of the College of Material and Engineering was launched on the platform of learning from powerful nation


This semester, the courses Chinese classical furniture opened by Xuexin Liu, a party member teacher of theCollege of Material and Engineering,and this kind of leaning moocs have been successfully included in the column of human literature, history and philosophy on the platform of learning from powerful country.

The courses are centered on the development and evolution of Chinese classical furniture and take the change of sitting habit of ancient Chinese as the node.Then,the style characteristics, material selection and structure of Chinese classical furniture in different periods were introduced.The courses aim to cultivate students' aesthetic taste, improve their artistic accomplishment, stimulate students' awareness of the inheritance and protection of national intangible cultural heritage, and enable students to master certain means and methods of identifying ancient furniture and rosewood furniture.

Courses have a certain universality, these are suitable for furniture design, art design, product design, industrial design, visual communication design, costume design, environmental art design, arts, film production, student of materials science and engineering and other students, and more suitable for students whose major is not arts,design and wood as cultural quality education courses.

Under the care and guidance of the party and government leaders of the college, Xuexin Liu, the course leader, has invested a lot of time and energy into the courses. The teaching method and knowledge structure of the course are supplemented and improved in many aspects, and the teaching contents are systematically updated. Eventually, these courses were successfully selected into national boutique online open courses in 2017. It is the exploration and practice of the college to fully implement the spirit of the national education conference.

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