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Dr. Shuai Li of Virginia Tech University and Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta of Catholic University of Leuven Came to Our College for Academic Report

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Dr. Shuai Li of Virginia Tech University and Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta of Catholic University of Leuven Came to Our College for Academic Report

At 9:00 a.m. on April 15th, Dr. Shuai Li of Virginia Tech University and Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta of Catholic University of Leuvengave excellent academic reportentitledIssues, advances and opportunities in production of sugars from lignocelluloses andInnovative approach towards sustainable production of polymer building blocks in room 310, Qishan Campus Comprehensive Building. The lecture was chaired by ProfessorCao Shilin of our college, and more than 40 teachers and students attended the report.


Dr. Shuai Li was mainly based on different research objects and research examples, with the purpose of improving the high-value conversion efficiency of the three major components of woody biomass (cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin). He introduced to the participants how to put forward innovative research ideas, highlighting the importance of theoretical basis for innovation research. For example, In the process of protonic acid catalyzed hydrolysis of carbohydrates (such as cellulose) to glucose, Dr. Shuai Li analyzed the influence mechanism of different solvents on the efficiency of protonic acid catalysis from the perspective of molecular interaction, providing theoretical basis for the rational development of new solvent system for the hydrolysis of carbohydrates.

Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta mainly introduced that in the process of non-enzymatic conversion of xylose to furfural and furfural to furandicarboxylic acid, a niobium-based catalyst was developed for the defects of traditional catalysts that are difficult to recover and have low catalytic efficiency. The reaction path for catalyzing the efficient conversion of xylose to furfural and furandicarboxylic acid was given, and element labeling reactions were given to reveal its mechanism of action, which laid a solid theoretical foundation for the efficient conversion of woody biomass to high value-added chemicals.

The teachers and students at the meeting all showed great interest in the reports of Dr. Shuai Li and Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta, and there was intense discussion on the spot.

bout the reporter:

Dr. Shuai Li is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Biomaterials (Sustainable Biomaterials) and Macromolecular Innovation Institute at Virginia Tech University. In 2012, he received a Ph.D. in biological systems engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He was the director of the laboratory of the research and development center of Qingdao Azure Biotechnology Group, a listed company. Published more than 20 articles in top academic journals such as Science, Science Advances, Energy and Environmental Sciences, ACS Central Sciences, ACS Catalysis, Green Chemistry, etc., and obtained six patents, including two US patents, three Chinese patents, andOne European patents, two of which are used by two Chinese and foreign companies. He has won the Wisconsin Outstanding Graduate Award and the International Academy of Wood Science Doctoral Dissertation Gold Award. He has presided over the National Science Foundation (NSF) project and served as an expert in letter review and evaluation of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

        Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta, graduated from University of Delhi, India with a bachelor's degree. He received a dual master's degree from the University of Delhiand the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and a doctorate from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He has successively engaged in postdoctoral research at Hokkaido University and worked as a researcher at the Indian National Laboratory. Dr. Gupta is now engaged in postdoctoral research at the world-famous University of Leuven, Belgium. Dr. Gupta is mainly engaged in the research of catalytic conversion of biomass, and has a strong foundation and ability in developing new catalysts and in-situ analysis of catalytic processes. As the first author, he published more than ten papers in internationally renowned journals such as AngewandteChemie, ACS Catalysis, Green Chemistry, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering.

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