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FAFU’s Agricultural Sciences Rank Top 1‰ of ESI Global

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2024-04-10   信息员:

FAFU’s Agricultural Sciences have entered the top 1‰ list of the ESI global rankings, as revealed by the latest statistics from Clarivate Analytics on March 15, 2024. This marks the university’s second discipline to achieve such recognition.


In the present statistical cycle, FAFU had a total of 12,154 papers included in the Science Citation Index (SCI), accumulating 206,040 citations with an average citation rate of 16.95 and 216 highly cited papers. Globally, FAFU ranks 1208th, advancing by 22 positions, and domestically, it stands at 118th. Specifically, within the discipline of Agricultural Sciences, 1,848 FAFU papers were included, accumulating a total of 30,494 citations, with an average citation rate of 16.5 and 34 highly cited papers. Out of the 1,247 institutions worldwide that entered the top 1% list in this discipline, FAFU ranks 122nd. All of FAFU’s ESI discipline rankings have improved compared with the previous round.

At present, FAFU has a total of 10 disciplines listed as Top 1% of ESI, including Plant & Animal Science, Agricultural Sciences, Microbiology, Environmental Ecology, Biology & Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Materials Science, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Molecular Biology & Genetics, among which Plant & Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences entered the top 1 list of ESI Global. Currently, FAFU ranks 1st among universities in Fujian Province in terms of the number of disciplines in the global top 1‰ list, 2nd in the number of top 1% disciplines. On the other hand, along with Nanjing Agricultural University, FAFU ranks 5th in number of top 1% disciplines in ESI Global among agriculture and forestry universities in the country.


Office of  Development and Planning  Chen Haixia

Translators: Chen Baibi, International College

                     Xu Duo, International College


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