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College of Bee Science and Biomedicine Established

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2024-03-01   信息员:

On the morning of January 16th, the unveiling ceremony of the College of Bee Science and Biomedicine was hosted by Zheng Baodong, Vice President of FAFU. About one hundred teaching staff and student representatives attended the ceremony. Present at the ceremony also were Peng Wenjun, the chief scientist of Bee Industrial Technology System and Director of Institute of Apicultural Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IARCAAS), Wang Jiannan, Chair of the University Council, Lan Siren, President of FAFU, and other FAFU school officials. 

Unveiling Ceremony 

At the ceremony, they jointly unveiled the nameplate.


Speech by Lan Siren 

Speech by Peng Wenjun 

By integrating resources from related disciplines in the field of comprehensive health and several research and innovation platforms at and above provincial levels, the College will offer master and doctoral programs in Biomedicine, Bee Science and three undergraduate programs including Bee Science, Biopharmaceuticals and Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Development. Amid its high-end, intelligent and international development, the College focuses on promoting edible-medicinal produce beneficial to health, modern Chinese medicine and biotech drugs, and integration of education chain, talent training chain, innovation chain, industrial and distribution chains for better serving biomedicine industry and boosting the green development of agriculture.


Correspondant: Publicity Department  Sui Fanghua

Photogragher: Publicity Department  Gao Yan

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                   Huang Peifang, International College

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