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FAFU Scientists Achieve Breakthroughs in Photocuring Three-Dimensional Printing of Thermoplastic Polymers

福建农林大学(英文版)   发布时间: 2021-09-28   信息员:

Photocuring Three-Dimensional Printing is an advanced manufacturing technology that allows a high degree of customisation of product shapes. Conventional Photocuring 3D printing is only suitable for photocurable thermosetting resins because the cross-linked 3D network could prevent polymer diffusion and dissolution in printing.

By hypothesizing the role of H-bonds of thermoplastic resin molecules, Prof. Qiu Renhui and Prof. Liu Wendi, in collaboration with their teams, proposed a widely applicable Photocuring 3D printing strategy for thermoplastic polymers. They usedhydrogen bonds (H-bonds) in inks to “induce” molecular aggregation and accelerate monomer polymerization. Meanwhile, they usedhydrogen bonds (H-bonds) in the polymer to reduce its solubility and diffusivity in unpolymerized parent ink, thus successfully printing thermoplastic polymers with LCD Photocuring Printing.

The research team first combines molecular modeling experiments with molecular dynamics simulation, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy, upon which a series of thermoplastic elastomers were successfully printed.

The research findings are sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NO. 32071699 and 31800486), and they are published by the leading author Wu Yuchao, a PhD student in Forestry Engineering, with Professors Qiu Renhui and Liu Wendi being the co-corresponding authors and FAFU the only corresponding affiliation.


 Correspondant/Photogragher: College of Material Engineering 

Translation: Huang Fafeng, International College

Guo Xinying, International College

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