FAFU Teacher Win the 11th Fujian Friendship Award

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Recently, Fujian provincial government released “Candidates List of the 11th Fujian Friendship Award”. Professor Christopher G.T.Rensing, from College of Resources and Environment of FAFU is one of the candidates to receive the award.

Fujian Friendship Award is an honorary title given by the provincial government to the foreign experts and friends who have made outstanding contributions to reform and opening up and modernization in Fujian. The award aims to promote exchanges and cooperation between Fujian province and countries around the world in the fields of economy, science and technology, and education. About ten people will be selected every two years and given the award.

Born in New Jersey, USA, Christopher G.T.Rensing, graduated from Free University of Berlin in 1996 with a doctorate degree in Natural Sciences. He has been a professor and doctoral supervisor in the college of resources and environment of FAFU since September 2016. He is mainly engaged in the research of metal-microbe, microbe-plant interactions, bioinformatics, biogeochemistry, etc..

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