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  Meeting About New Term Work Deployment Was Hold  
   Date: 2015-09-01   Author:   View: 41

        A meeting about work deployment in new term was hold at Room 308, Boxue Building, in the afternoon of Sep, 1st. The meeting was hosted by Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Weide and all the members of the faculty and staff attended the meeting.

        Chen made a conclusion on development of our college in the recent years, analyzed the existing difficulty and put forward a requirement of the following new term in the meeting. He advocated that all members of faculty and staff should be confidence and consolidated on the development with responsibility and unity to make contribution for a better and faster development of our college.

        In the following, dean of our college Zhou Shungui analyzed the current situation of our college and made planning and deployment of new term. He proposed that teaching and academic level of our college should be promoted“on the orientation of high level subject construction, on the basis of talent team construction and on the nucleus of comprehensive strength improvement ”.

        Also, leaders in charge of related fields reported their focused work.

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