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  Young Teachers Symposium was Hold  
   Date: 2015-09-17   Author:   View: 28

        Young teachers symposium was hold in the afternoon of Sept 17th. The symposium was host by dean Zhou Shungui, 25 teachers younger than 45 attended the symposium. Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Weide, Dean Zhou Shungui, Vice Party Committee Liu Qiang, Vice Dean Chen Lisong and Fan Shenglong, director of college office also presented.

        Young teachers proposed many reasonable suggestions in the symposium. Also, they advised new recruited teachers adapt to role transformation and orientation, join in academic team with passions in scientific study as soon as possible, in order to make contribution to college development and high level university construction. Leaders listened to the suggestions carefully, Dean Zhou Shungui indicated that the leader group will take responsibility to rectify and reform based on those suggestions. The college will create better environment to support young teachers ’development. At last, Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Weide gave conclusion on the suggestions from young teachers, and encouraged teachers with confidence to make concerted efforts to college development.

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