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  An activity, “I am happy, I am growing up” ,was Given for Psychological Committee Member  
   Date: 2015-10-12   Author:   View: 48

        In order to further enhance student cadre team cooperation ability and physical quality. Strengthen the cooperation between the student cadres. At 9a.m Oct 11th, National psychological consultant (level two), College of Management, psychological counselors jin-feng Lin was invited guide student cadre of the college of resource and environment science diathesis developing training School youth corps committee, vice secretary of Zhang Jin-yan and political counselors Lin Wan-ling to participate in the training.

        In the beginning, jin-feng teacher by "love hug" small games, let the students automatically divided into two teams, Two team members, Two teams of students played four games again The students in the process of activities play its advantages, complement each other, trust each other, encourage each other,, eventually completed a series of challenges. Everyone feel the power of team work, realized the importance of responsibility, trust and confidence.

In the end, the students and teachers in a circle, sharing his own experience. This communication, improve the affection between teachers and students.

The event although short, but far-reaching significance Not only deepen the friendship between the students and the teacher, But for our students showed a unity of thought Let them realize the importance of competition and cooperation.

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