The research team academician Xie Lianhui and professor Li Yi, Peking University, co-published online a research paper on internationally renowned journal 《PLoS Pathogens》

time: 2017-10-13   author:   clicks: 60

Recently, the research team Academician Xie Lianhui and Professor Li Yi, college of life science, Peking University, co-published online a research paper entitled Rice stripe virus get NS3 protein regulates primary miRNA processing through association with the miRNA biogenesis factor OsDRB1 and facilitates virus get infection in Rice in the internationally renowned journal PLoS Pathogens. The State Key Laboratory of Ecological Pest Control of Fujian and Taiwan Crops of FAFU was the signature unit of the first author of the article.

This research reveals a new mechanisms for regulation of miRNA processing of RSV on genetics, biochemistry and bioinformatics. In the process of RSV infection of rice, the encoded non-structural protein NS3 can interact with the host DRB1, and replace the DRB1's double-stranded RNA binding activity, enhance the processing of miRNAs, inhibit the expression of related genes, eventually leading to more susceptible to RSV in rice. Simultaneously, it has also been shown that VSR not only inhibits siRNA-mediated PTGS, but also enhances miRNA-mediated PTGS.

The first author of this paper is Zheng Lijia, a doctoral student of our college. And Professor Li Yi of Peking University, Professor Xie Lianhui of FAFU and associate Professor Wu Jianguo were common correspondent author of the article. This work was supported by grants from the Natural Science Foundation of China , National Basic Research Program 973and Transgenic Research Program, Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province of China and Outstanding Young Scientific Research Plan in Higher Education of Fujian Province.