Professor Zoltán Barta from Debrecen University, Hungary, came to our college for reporting

time: 2018-05-16   author:   clicks: 28

On the morning of April 28th, Professor Zoltán Barta, University of Debrecen, Hungary, Minjiang scholar professor,  was arrived our school, and conducted academic exchanges at the Lecture Hall, 5th Floor, Institute of Applied Ecology. This report is chaired by Professor Yang Guang.

At the meeting, Professor Zoltán Barta gave an academic report titled Division of labour and biparental care in the beetle Lethrus apterus. He mainly elaborated on Dung beetle's division of labor and its parental rearing. At first, he explained in detail the definition of parental rearing and its distribution in animals. Secondly, he gave a detailed introduction to the natural phylogeny of Lethrus apterus and current research status. This report exchange meeting featured an active academic atmosphere, and after the report, Professor Zoltán Barta also conducted in-depth academic exchanges with the teachers and students at the scene.