Australia academician Jeremy Burdon and other Chinese and foreign scholars held lectures in our college

time: 2016-05-16   author:   clicks: 73

May 11 in the afternoon, Professor Jeremy Burdon, Researcher RuiXiang Chen, Professor Eleanor Gilroy and Professor Suomeng Dong were invited to hold lectures in the conference room of the virology. The research reports about “Disease in time and placelesions’ from two Swedish Archipelagos”, “mango fruit rot in Taiwan, the pathogen identification and molecular examination”, “Investigating how a late blight effector antagonises immunity through promotion of a plant growth and development pathway”, and “Mining Phytophthora Infestans virulence factor from two-speed genome”, respectively. Reports were chaired by professor Jiasui Zhan.

During meeting, Professor Jeremy Burdon describes the changes on the two islands disease from time and space to study the evolution of the pathogen and host; Chen Ruixiang researcher describes the occurrence of Taiwan mango fruit rot, pathogen identification and its advances in molecular detection; Professor Eleanor Gilroy describes effectorof Phytophthora infestans promoting plant growth and developmental pathways of host immunity; Professor Dong Suomeng introduced technologies for potato genome based on double speed (Two-speed genome) in Phytophthora infestans virulence factors of data mining.

It is reported that Professor Jeremy J Burdon, is the Australian Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering academician, foreign academicianof the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences foreign academician, the former farming director of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), chief scientist, has published papers more than 200, including Nature, Science series of high-level papers, total citations than 10,000 times, h- index reached to 55.

Dr. Ruixiang Chen mainly engaged in the study of animal and plant pathogen pathogenicity, epidemiology and molecular biology, enjoy a high reputation in the international community, and published a series of related papers.


Professor Eleanor Gilroy is the researcher of the James Hutton Institute in UK, mainly engaged in to the study of the potato disease. Reveal the relationship between plant development and stress responses between abiotic or biological research through the potato genome sequence. She has published 20 high impact factor SCI more than papers, including PNAS, Plant Cell, PLoS Pathogens, etc.

Professor Dong Suomeng is the selected candidates of “National plans of thousands of young talents”, the national outstanding youth fund winners of Nanjing Agricultural University, has published 27 SCI papers in Science, PLoS Pathogens, the cited of papers more than 800 times. Prevention and control long-term basic research on potato late blight, Phytophthora sojae as the main object of study oomycetes diseases. He studied the long-term system in terms of blight classification, reproductive behavior, molecular assays, chemotaxis and interactions of plant functional genomics, etc.