Professor Eric Palevsky from Israeli national agricultural research institutions gived a lecture

time: 2016-05-25   author:   clicks: 49

On the afternoon of May 22, Professor Eric Palevsky was invited to the 505 academic report hall in the institute of applied ecology, giving an academic report entitled the laboratory mechanisms and defined effects on plant-herbivore-predator interactions: from the field. This report was chaired by Professor Liande Wang.

Professor Eric Palevsky introduced the orchard, such as avocado (Pentadesmabutyracea) pollens can promote the influence of predator mites on biological control, and the effects of interactions between different crops and predatory mites functional group during this report. Participating teachers and students had further academic exchanges with Professor Eric Palevsky.

Dr. Eric is a Professor of Israel national agricultural research institution ARO, has long been engaged in mites, biological control and ecological studies, in microbial biocontrol agents, predatory mite controlling plant nematodes, bee varroa mite biocontrol and comprehensive prevention and control of citrus mite and so on. He has high attainments and great world influence in these fields.