About CPP

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  The College of Plant Protection (CPP) is a cradle for nurturing brilliant minds of virtues, capabilities and intelligence. It is deeply rooted in the culture of Ying Long”, which demonstrates the integration of talents, virtues and harmony.

  “To strengthen great integrity and cultivate talents at home and abroad is the unswerving educational philosophy of CPP.  

  “Being dedicated, open-minded, knowledgeable and sociable is integral to the time-honored Ying Long culture and our spiritual pursuit.

CPP History

  The history of CPP can be dated back to 1940 when it was originally named the Department of Plant Disease and Insect Pests at Fujian Provincial College of Agriculture. The department developed to become the Department of Plant Protection in 1958. In the year of 2001, the College of Plant Protection (CPP) was eventually founded.Today, CPP offers degrees at different levels of undergraduate, masterand PhD. Both teaching and research facilities are now available for faculties and students.With a total number of 1,375 students (365 master and PhD students, 33 international students), CPP has been awarded various honors such as “National Advanced Basic-level Party Organization” and “The Great Organization of National Higher Education”.


Discipline Strengths

  A great number of accomplishments have been achieved along with the development of CPP in the past 77 years. CPP was the first to start Education Management for its graduates and obtain the degree-granting in master and PhD of first-level discipline. We were also the first to be the elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Science and set up National Key Discipline. We took the lead in acquiring the award of “National Top 100 Doctoral Dissertations” and publishing high-level papers in top international influential journals. Furthermore, Plant Pathology, one of our disciplines, has become a key discipline of both state-and Ministry of Agriculture levels. The college has been approved the first-level discipline to offer one doctoral and masterdegree, the second-level discipline to provide 5 doctoral and master degrees. We have one post-doctoral research station and two undergraduate majors, and become the hosting institution of Yan Jiaxian Experimental Classes”. In addition, the discipline of plant protection is ranked the fourth (with a level of B+) in the fourth round of national academic assessment and is one of the disciplines that draw investment from Chinese government to undergo a pilot scheme for comprehensive course reforms. In 2017, the discipline of Pharmacy Engineering was the first undergraduate major at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to have received accreditation from China Engineering Education Accreditation Association.


CPP People

  We have a large number of extraordinary professors and experts who enjoy a tremendous reputation in the academic circle both at home  and abroad. They include YAN Jia-xian, QIU Wei-fan, ZHOU Ming-zang, LIN Chuan-guang, HUANG Nong, HUANG Qi-wang, WANG Qing-he, HE Jia-mi, WU Zhong-fu,and ZHAO Xiu-fu. CPP has teaching faculties of excellent academic proficiency, research capabilities, and sound structure led by professor XIE Lian-hui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition, CPP boasts of a group of national prestigious university teachers modeled by Huang Da-lian, an innovative group of Ministry of Education, an innovative group of Ministry of Agriculture, an innovative group of key fields of Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently, there are 139 faculties and staff members at CPP, including 1 academician from the Chinese Academy of Science, 1 part-timeacademician, 1 foreign academician3 National young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution,10 receivers of Special government allowances of the State Council 1 Outstanding Youth expert, 1 Cheung Kong Scholar, 2 experts from Distinguished Youth, 4 winners of National Outstanding Teacher Award, 1 expert from Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel, 1 National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker, 5 experts from the program of Outstanding experts of Fujian Province,9 experts from the program of One Hundred Talents in Fujian Province, 4 experts from the Leading Talents in Fujian Province, 1 expert from the program of 100 Foreign Talents,1 leading expert of Western Taiwan Straits Industries, 5 distinguished professors of “MinJiang Scholar”, 6Minjiang Professors or Visiting Professors, 5 Jinshan Professors and 23 visiting, professors. Additionally, CPP offers 1 national high-quality curriculum, 1 national high-quality video course, and is undertaking 15 teaching projects at the levels of nation, province and university.

Research and service

We  have the key state laboratory of ecollogical pest control for Fujian and Taiwan  crops, one international joint laboratory, one base of OEI for Disciplinary  Innovation in Universities, two key ministerial laboratories, two provincial  laboratories, three provincial research centers, one  Collaborative Innovation Center of Fujian Provience, four institutes and 8  academician workstations. Above all, some far researching research innovation  achievements have been achieved. The first primitive genome of Lepidoptera was  decoded . New vector for rice viruses, RBSV and NV, were discovered. The  overwinter base for Puccinia  Graminis Tritici was founded. The  Rice Blast Cultivation Immune Theory was proposed. And a new discipline,  Economics of Plant Disease, was founded.

During  the past 5 years, a great number of various research projects have been  conducted, of which, 89 are funded by National Natural Science Foundation. Up  till now,  the exceptional achievemens of CPP has had included 2 National Science and  Technology Process Awards, 1 Provincial Major Achievement in Science  and Technology Award, and 6 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.

The cradle for talents

  After seventy-seven-year accumulation, inheritance and innovation, CPP has formed her culture featured by the core spirit of “Ying Long”. She takes “To strengthen great integrity and cultivate talent at home and abroad” as the unswerving educational ideal. “Being dedicated, open-minded, knowledgeable and sociable” is the spiritual pursuit. Guided by the college motto of “Dedication, Innovation, Objectivity, Collaboration”, we commit ourselves to cultivate the talents of character, superb intelligence and flexible thinking. People of talent keep coming forth in large numbers in the past 77 years, such as GONG Gu-shen, the president of National Chung Hsing University, who is also honored as the “backbone” of Taiwan’s Agricultural education, QIU Ren-zhang who has been elected twice as the President of Society of Plant Protection in Taiwan, GAO Ri-xia who won the silver award in the International Expo held in Paris, YOU Min-sheng, the National outstanding professional and technical personnel, GUAN Xiong, the National Excellent Scientist and WEI Tai-yun, one of “the Ten Thousand Talents”, also chair professor of Cheung Kong Scholar and Outstanding Youth expert. With their consistent dedication and profound influence, the College of Plant Protection has become a cradle for cultivating talents whose wisdom and capabilities excel the predecessors.