Professor Zhu Huaiping of York University, Canada came to my college for delivering a lecture

time: 2017-12-20   author:   clicks: 67

On the morning, December 18th, Professor Zhu Huaiping from York University, Canada, gave a lecture entitled “Predictive Modeling and Forecasting of culex mosquito abundance in Greater Toronto Area” at the Lecture Hall, 5th Floor, Institute of Applied Ecology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.This report is chaired by Professor You Mingsheng.

At the meeting, Professor Zhu first introduced the mosquito-borne diseases and their harm, followed by the description of how to set up a forecasting model based on temperature, rainfall, elevation and other monitoring projects and data over the years. Finally, he details the application of their team-created model in Greater Toronto.This inspiring report aroused great interest of the teachers and students present, and there was a lively exchange between teachers and students.

It is reported that Professor Zhu HuaiPing is currently a professor at York University in Canada, director of parallel computing and simulation laboratory, has long been engaged in power system theory and its application branch, Hilbert sixteenth issue, population ecology and epidemiology, climate change simulation and Impact, prevention and control of mosquito diseases and other research work.He received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Montreal in Canada in 2000 and postdoctoral research at the University of Waterloo and Georgia Institute of Technology.In recent years, real-time forecasting work in collaboration with the Canadian federal and Ontario public health systems has drawn attention in mosquito-disease research.Zhu HuaiPing solves the problem of the limited number of cycles of the nilpotent cycle in the sixteenth issue of the famous Hilbert,andhe is one of the prominent experts in branch theory and applications.