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The team of Prof.Zhongxiong Lai of FAFU published their newest research achievement in the journal of 《Giga Science》

 Time: 2017-03-31  Author:   


 Recently, the team of Prof.Zhongxiong Lai of College of Horticulture of FAFU published online an article on the titled “Genome-wide sequencing of longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) provides insights into molecular basis of its polyphenol-rich characteristics”in the international authoritative academic journalGigaScience》(IF=7.46. The first author of the paper is Yuling lin, associate professor of College of  Horticulture, Prof.Zhongxiong Lai is the corresponding author.FAFU was the only signature unit of both the first author and corresponding author.

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