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Dr. Wu Shuang of FAFU was selected into the National “Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts”

 Time: 2016-05-13  Author:   

Recently, the Overseas High-level Talents  Recruitment Special Work Office issued the notice that, Dr. Wu Shuang of FAFU  was successfully selected into the 11th batch of young talents of “Recruitment  Program of Global Experts”, which achieved a major historic breakthrough (zero)  in the aspect of the “Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts” of FAFU. Dr.  Wu Shuang would receive the one-time subsidies of RMB 500000 and RMB  1000000-3000000 scientific research grants afforded by the Central Ministry of  Finance, and be naturally selected into the Fujian Provincial “100 Talents  Program”; meanwhile, he would receive the related matching grants and benefit  the various preferential policies, treatments and services. There are a total of  21 persons of Fujian Province who were selected into the “Recruitment Program of  Global Youth Experts” at this time, among which 14 from Xiamen University, 3  from Fujian Institute of material structure of CAS, 2 from FuZhou University,  one from FAFU and one from Huaqiao University..
Wu Shuang, male, born in  April 1980, obtained his PhD degree in Plant Biology from the University of  Massachusetts in the USA. Before he was recruited by FAFU, he was a research  associate of the university of Pennsylvania in the USA, mainly engaged in the  research of botany, and had presided over one program of National Natural  Science Foundation of the USA, two programs of the University of Massachusetts,  and published more than 10 SCI papers as a first author, among which there were  6 papers with an impact factor superior to 9.0, and one paper with an impact  factor as high as 14. He is recruited now as a professor of the Horticultural  Plant Biology and Metabonomics Center of FAFU.

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