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Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabolomics Center of Haixia Institute of Science and Technology Published an Article in《PNAS》

 Time: 2016-09-26  Author:   

On September 23rd, the latest  research result of Professor Wu Shuan, “Symplastic signaling instructs cell  division, cell expansion, and cell polarity in the ground tissue of Arabidopsis  thaliana roots” was published online in the internationally renowned academic  journal 《PNAS》, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

FAFU is the signiure unit of both the  first author and co-corresponding author of the paper.
The co-authors  included Xu Meizhi and Yu Qiaozhi, graduate students from the College of  Horticulture of FAFU, and researchers from University of Pennsylvania and  Lanzhou University.

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