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The leaders visited the old comrades

 Time: 2014-06-11  Author:   


     In January 10, 2014, the party and government workers, head of the Department of horticulture college leaders visited the retied teacher Liu Xinghui, Chen Zhenguang, Xi Yu, Weng Youde, Xie Li Jiashen, Wu Qiuer, Ye Baocun and other seven retired veteran comrades, to extend my sincere New Year greetings to them, and sent condolences.

      Every reach one point, college leaders and old comrades chatted, a detailed understanding of the old comrades of health, living conditions, and report to them the college development in recent years, the old comrades concerned about school, school to express our heartfelt thanks to you, was pleased by school, college in recent years of development, they sincerely wish a better tomorrow of agricultural and forestry university.


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