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The College of Horticulture, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was established in 1940. There are three specialties, namely Horticulture, Tea Science, FacilityAgriculture Science and Engineering, which offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. Three departments established under the college are Horticulture Department, Tea Department, FacilityAgriculture Science and Engineering Department.In addition, the college has a teaching and research department and one institute of subtropics fruit (Institute of Biological Engineering of horticultural plants). The College of Horticulture has 64 employees including 21professors (13 doctoral supervisors) and10 associate professors. Current undergraduate and graduate enrollments are 1100 and 200, respectively. The College now hosts onepostdoctoral research station, one first-level disciplines doctoral station, four second-level disciplines, including one first-level disciplinesmaster staion, and 5 second-level disciplines master station, including two provincial key disciplines i.e. Pomology and Tea Science, one graduate student education innovation base and two provincial scientific research platform.

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