2nd Fujian Homestar Cup Furniture Creative Designing Competition- Award Ceremony was Held in FAFU

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October 31th 2015, 2nd Fujian Homestar Cup Creative Designing Competition Award Ceremony was held in FAFU Xiqiang Building. The secretary of our institute addressed the ceremony, she gave the guests and winners from all over the country tumultuous welcome. The chief commissioner of Fujian Furniture Association Ms Lin introduced the complexion of the competition this year. And then the CEO of Homestar Co.Ltd Mr Lu expressed his congratulation on the success of the competition.
The competition was held by Fujian Furniture Association、Homestar Co.Ltd and Arts Institute of FAFU, which was aim in Creative Function Of Plate-Type Furniture. From January to July, the committee received 1024 entries. Seven judges seriously and fairly reviewed all entries. Finally Shunde Polytechnic Yufeng Gong and Anwu Chen’s 《Traveler》 won the Gold Prize. 《Simple View》 from Huan Zeng FAFU and 《MODERNISM》from Zhengyan Li and Qian Zhu Zhejiang A & F University won the Silver Prize. 《Searching Realm》 from Huan Zeng and 《Porcelain and Lotus》 from Lingli Duan FAFU and 《Intelligent Dehumidify Wardrobe》 from Jiachao Deng and Meng Hao won the Bronze Prize. There also are 6 excellent prizes and 20 nominee-designs. 4 teachers were awarded as great tutor, and 3 colleges were awarded excellent organization unit. The Homestar Co.Ltd and our institute signed the further cooperation agreement.


Writer/Photographer:Yueqin Chen/Zujian Chen
Arts & Landscape Architecture College Press Corps






Gold Prize 《Traveler》


Silver Prize 《Simple View》


Silver Prize 《MODERNISM》


Bronze Prize《Porcelain and Lotus》


Bronze Prize 《Searching Realm》


Bronze Prize 《Intelligent Dehumidify Wardrobe》