2014 Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition- of CALA, FAFU Completed Successfully

time: 2014-12-15   author:   clicks: 75

    2014 Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition was held by College of Arts, College of Landscape Architecture (CALA) on Dec. 11th, 2014 in Room 206\207 of Chengzhi A Building.  The Competition included two parts——Multimedia courseware (MCAI) and integrated skills.  There were 20 teachers took part in this competition.  Finally, Ms. Wu Wenjuan and Ms. Que Chenxi gained Gold Medal, Mr. Gaobo, Ms Qiu Ting, Ms Ye Luying and Ms. Chen Lan gained Silk Medal in Integrated Skills part.  As for MCAI, Ms. Que Chenxi obtained Gold Medal, Mr. Gaobo and Ms Ye Luying obtained Silk Medal, Ms. Chen Lan, Ms Qiu Ting and Ms. Li Jing obtained Bronze Medal.

Writer:Yang Fan  Photographer: Zheng Jing
Arts & Landscape Architecture College