Intro of Ding Zheng - Vice President

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          Ding Zheng, male, associate professor, CPC member, born in December 1968, native of Jinjiang, Fujian, has served as the dean of College of the Arts and School of Landscape Architecture of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. He is member of China Institute of Interior Design Branch, senior architectural interior designer, the vice president of the eighth professional Commission (Fujian), Fujian Construction Engineering evaluation experts, vocational skills center experts in Fujian Provincial Labor Department.

         In 1993, Prof. Ding graduated from school of Arts of Xiamen University, learned art and design at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts from August 1997 to July 1998, was a visiting scholar at Tsinghua University fromSeptember 2009 to July 2010. He was the former deputy director of the Department of Art and Design of school of Art and the director of the Animation Department at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. His main research directions are indoor decorative design, architectural design, landscape planning and design of the indoor and outdoor environment.

         Prof. Ding has participated in many national assessment of the interior decoration projects, hosting space design, entertainment, hotel, dining, bedroom villa, exhibition for more than 90 items, some of them won professional contest prize above the provincial level. He has published more than 10 articles.

         Prof. Ding has presided over one B-class research project of the Department of Education, one project of provincial association decisions, he was rated as the outstanding teachers of the school, won school teaching Contribution awards, titled ‘The Honorary Teacher of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University’.