Intro of Dong Jianwen - Dean

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         Dong Jianwen, male, born in September 1968, native of Changting, Fujian province, graduated from BJFU, owns the doctor’s degree and now is a Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of FAFU.

         Also, Prof. Dong is vice secretary general of China's Forest Parks Committee for Standardization, member of review committee of National Water Park, the national flower consulting expert and managing director of Fujian landscape architecture society.

          He served as vice director of Town and Country Planning Department and secretary of the CPC in College of Forestry, vice dean of Continuing Education School and vice county magistrate of Shouning, Ningde of Fujian province in succession.

          Prof. Dong is engaged in cultivation of scenic recreational forest, programming Forest park and scenic spot and exploitation and utilization of wild ornamental plants. Meanwhile, Prof. Dong teaches the postgraduate Scenic Area Planning and Technology of Building Scenic Recreational Forest, etc. Prof. Dong has taken part in many reviews on National Water Parks in provinces of Gansu, Shanxi and Guangdong and so on, and on many Forest Parks of Fujian.

         Prof. Dong has presided over 12 compiling works of 11th five-year plan state science and technology support plan project and provincial scientific research project, such as ‘The New Rural Green Home Construction Technology’ and ‘Scenic recreational forest in Fujian Province Construction Technology Research’. He has won the second prize of the Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award for three times, and the third prize of Provincial and Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress Award once for each.

         He has published more than 40 papers (including first authorship of more than 20 papers), the senate of the two. Presided over and participated in the ‘Grand Canyon of Wuyi Mountain Qinglong Ecological Landscape Planning and Design’ , ‘Taimu Mountain Guoxing Temple - the Yuhu Scenic Forest Reconstruction Planning Design’, ‘Zhangping Jiupeng Creek Scenic Planning and Design, Guilin, Yangshuo National Forest Park Master Plan, Nanchang, Jiangxi Meiling National Forest Park Master Plan’, ‘Ningde Jin Han She Nationality on Kimbe Village’, ‘The Overall Planning of the Construction of a New Socialist Countryside’, ‘Minqing Huang Chu Lin Scenic Area Planning and Design’, ‘Longyan Genting Leisure Tea Garden Master Plan’ and other projects.

        Prof. Dong has been rated as Outstanding Teachers of FAFU, Outstanding Party Member, and got the honorary title of advanced worker in social practice activities in 2003. In 2006, Prof. Dong was awarded by the Chinese Communist Party of Ningde municipal committee and government.