The Third Lecture of the First Landscape Architecture Postgraduate -Academic Forum Lecture Series ——the Aesthetic Ideology of Chinese Flower Culture

time: 2014-08-23   author:   clicks: 173

    At 3:00 p.m. of June 7, 2014, the third lecture of the first landscape architecture postgraduate academic forum lecture series was held in the room 206 of Qiqiang building. The professor and doctoral supervisor Wang Caiyun from Horticulture and Forestry College of Huazhong Agricultural University was invited to deliver the lecture on the Aesthetic Ideology of Chinese Flower Culture. College Party Secretary Zhou Rong, deputy dean Huang Qitang, related teachers and the postgraduate students attended the lecture which was presided over by deputy dean Huang Qitang.

    The main purpose of holding this lecture series was to invite the distinguished professors from various universities to give lectures of their latest research results to our teachers and students, expanding our postgraduates’ scope of knowledge, letting them understand the cutting-edge research progress and promoting the communication between our teachers and students with other universities, which would be helpful to their future research and study.

Writer and Photographer: Yu Yun
   Arts & Landscape Architecture College