FAFU Arts & Landscape Architecture College Postgraduates- Won Several Awards of Beauty Prize World Landscape Planning and Design Competition

time: 2014-01-09   author:   clicks: 87

    On September 1, 2013, First Beauty Prize World Landscape Planning and Design Competition published its results. This contest set student groups, and selected 21 groups of First, Second and Third Prizes, and 14 groups of Excellence Award. The work “Landscape Design for best stormwater management measures of Taipei Da-an Forest Park”, guided by FAFU Arts & Landscape Architecture College Dong Jianwen and Lin Kaitai, completed by postgraduates Wang Mo and Huang Qianzhu won first prize of the students group. The work “The ecology Utopia -- marginalization three-dimensional wetland of city central”, guided by Xu Xianshu, completed by Lu Jing, won the Excellence Award of students group. Arts & Landscape Architecture College dean professor Dong Jianwen won the best instructor award.
    The contest was hosted by World Association of Roof Greening and China Association of Buliding Energy, and co-organized by three-dimensional Greening Committee of China Green Building Council. As the world’s highest level of competitive and big bonus of landscape planning competition, this contest attracted the majority of students and teachers and professional landscape company’s attention. The theme of the contest was “Build the beautiful city, beautiful villages, beautiful roof, landscape planning and design”, aiming to promote the development of ecological design of landscape planning and encourage the application of new technologies, new materials and new energy.
    The assessment experts of this contest included Zhou Ganzhi, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as former vice director of Construction Ministry, Meng Zhaozhen, landscape planning and design educator as well as professor and doctoral supervisor at Beijing Forestry University, Wu Zhiqiang, vice president of Tongji University, chief planner of Shanghai World Expo as well as chairman of World Association of Roof Greening, Manfred (German), president of World Roof Greening Technology Alliance, and  Patelite • Bolan Ke (France), director of French National Centre for Scientific Research as well as chairman of World Association of Roof Greening. Winners would participate in Nanjing • World Roof Greening Conference held from September 15 to 18, and would communicate with the world's top experts face to face.