FAFU Arts & Landscape Architecture College Art Design-(Indoor Furniture direction) Majors Won Finalist Award of "Straits Cup" Fujian (Jinjiang) Indust

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   On the morning of September 25, 2013 "Strait Cup" Jinjiang Industrial Design Competition announced the results at Jinjiang Jin Ma International Hotel. Interior Design major Weng Wenjian's work "Yingzhu" (Instructor: Chen Zujian) won Finalist Award and earned the bonus 10,000 Yuan.
2013 "Straits Cup" Fujian Jinjiang Industrial Design Competition was the first industrial design competition hosted in Fujian. The design competition was jointly held by Fujian economic and trade commission, Quanzhou people's government, China industrial design association and Taiwan Visual communication art society, and organized by Jinjiang people's government, Quanzhou economic and trade commission and technology development base of Fujian Industrial design and apparel manufacturing. Since the opening in April, it attracted the domestic and overseas industrial design professionals to attend.   
    It received 3640 competition works from 10 Taiwan colleges, more than 30 domestic colleges and a group of industry organizations, covering light industry, textile and clothing, building materials, decoration, machinery and equipments. And 97 works (50 from professional group, and 47 from amateur group) were the finalists. Through experts’ review and competitors’ defense, 1 first prize, 2 second prize, 3 third prize and 5 honorable mention were selected from professional group and amateur group respectively. The bonus for professional prize was 300000 Yuan and for amateur group 100000 Yuan. In addition to the prize, first second and third prize winners would be considered to be Jinjiang talents, enjoying allowances and subsidies, such as housing, entrepreneurship support policies.

Award-winning Design Works link:http://www.eeff.net/thread-1087548-1-1.html。
News link:http://www.1zhengji.com/sjjx/qt/fw/20130927/25478.htm。