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Education and Teaching

Professor Jian Pan from the college of humanities of Zhejiang University has been invited to our college and interact with students and teachers of the Department of Animation.
The afternoon of October 22th, Professor Pan entered a symposium with our teachers on the development of the major, the project of teacher-training, paper’s publication, declare the subject, design the syllabus and so on. Professor Pan gave us many advises and information which were really useful. And he said “when we are writing paper or studying a subject, we should focus on innovation in many ways. The animation is creation. When we create something new not just thinking about the artistic effects but also why we should create like that.”
And the course 《Chinese and Foreign Art History》which is hold by Professor Pan officially started on October 23th. Professor Pan got the students’ fully attention at the beginning with his humor and distinctive style of expression. The students were looking forward to it .


Writer\Photographer:Bo Gao
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