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Introduction / About Us

College of the Arts and School of Landscape Architecture(Joint Bureau)is founded by the combination of the Garden Flowers Department of Horticulture College, the Landscape Architecture Department of Forestry College, the Advertising Department of Humanities & Social Science College and the Arts and Crafts Department of Arts and Crafts College on June 4, 2007. Up to now, the college has developed its own multi-disciplinary, multi-specialty, multi-level, and multi-form school system.

The college has four departments, including Art and Design, Animation, Science of Advertisement and Landscape Architecture. The college owns the Landscape Architecture postdoctoral research station, the Landscape Architecture discipline doctoral and master program, the Landscape Plant and Ornamental Horticulture secondary discipline doctoral and master program, and the Landscape Architecture professional master program. At present, the college offers seven full-time undergraduate programs, including Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Animation, Advertising, Gardening and Landscape Architecture. It also offers the Gardening Top-up, the correspondence undergraduate and junior college program of Gardening, the autodidact Gardening undergraduate program, the autodidact interior design program for junior college students , and the autodidact digital media art Top-up program. The college has 1943 students, including 9 doctor students (1 from Taiwan), 245 graduate students (5 from Taiwan), and 1689 undergraduates. The college has 88 teaching and administrative persons, including 5 professors and 27 associate professors, and 20 of them are doctoral or master’s supervisors. Among the teachers, 9 have the doctor degree and 37 master degree; one is the candidate of the New Century National Millions of Talents Project; one is the candidate of Fujian Millions of Talents Project; one is the outstanding expert honored by Fujian province; one is the expert enjoying the special government allowances; one wins the Fujian Labor Medal; one wins Fujian Yunsheng Youth Science and Technology Award; one wins the Fujian Youth Science and Technology Award; ten win provincial and ministerial honors; three win the title of FAFU Teaching masters, and two win FAFU Ethics Star. The college has won advanced group award in the activity of FAFU constructing the National Civilization Unit.

During the period of Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the college did the research and practice of curriculum system and teaching methods and means reformation through specialty construction and the reform of talent training mode. The teaching results which the College teachers participated in has won one second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, one first prize of Fujian Teaching Achievement Award, and four teachers won the second prize of FAFU teaching quality Award. The college has won one second prize and two third prizes of Fujian University Multimedia Courseware Award and one third prize of the Network Course Award. The college has one national specialty construction station, one Fujian talent cultivation model innovation experimental zone, one Fujian excellent course, two FAFU excellent courses, and one FAFU teaching team.

The teaching achievements are fruitful.

1.The students have won the unique first prize and the finalist award in the Sino-Japanese landscape design competition.

2.In the Fifth National University Landscape Design Graduation Exhibition, one student won the Earth Care Award and two won the excellence award. The college won the Prize for The Best Organization.

3.In 2009 Seventh China Environmental Art Design School Year Competition, one student won the bronze award of urban landscape engineering solutions, three won the excellence award.  The college won the Prize for The Best Organization. One teacher won the Best Instructor Award. In 2009 University Students Design Competition organized by Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, one student won the Testimonial Award.

4. In the Third National University Students Advertising Art Competition, 11 works of Graphic Design received awards, including two second prizes, two third prizes, and seven excellence awards. One of Advertisement Planning works won the third prize. In the selection of Fuzhou excellent advertising works, we won two first prizes, three second prizes, four third prizes and sixteen excellence awards ofgraphic design; one first prize and one third prize of Radio Advertising Design; one first prize, one second prize and one third prize of the Film and Television Advertising Design. Moreover, five sets of works won the candidate prize of the 18th Jindu Awards, and the total awards that FAFU won ranked second in Fujian Division.

5. Students won two excellence awards and four finalist awards in the second session of the Fujian Art College Students Exhibition.


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