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CCIS Held Its Second Session of the Fourth Conference of Faculty and Administrative Staff Representatives

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In the morning ofJanuary 15th, 2017, College of Computer and Information Sciences held its Second Session of the Fourth Conference of Faculty and Administrative Staff Representatives at Room 413 of Tianjiabing Laboratory Building. A total of 52 people attended the conference, including Party Secretary Chen Yida and Dean Chen Riqing, and other leadership of College Party Committee, government sectors and Labor Union, official representatives of faculty and administrative staff and delegates without the right to vote. Deputy secretary Wu Pengcheng presided over the meeting.

At the beginning, college Party Secretary Chen Yi made a speech.  On behalf of the college Party Committee, he expressed his warm congratulations on the convening of the Conference and his gratitude to college Labor Union cadres as well as the faculty and staff for their long-term hard work for the development of CCIS. At the same time, he addressed three wishes for college work in the new year. The first one is to clear goals and take advantage of every opportunity; the second one is to give prominence to main issues and focus on the construction of CCIS; the last one is to enhance college cohesion and be ready to shoulder responsibilities.

Delegates carefully listened to, examined and discussed about the college work report entitled To Implement the Connotation Construction of High level University And Promote The Cross-domain Development of CCIS ( which was made by Dean Chen Riqing on behalf of CCIS), and the Labor Union work report entitled To Make Earnest Efforts To Serve For Others And Promote The Harmony of CCIS ( which was made by Li Dexin, Chairman of college Labor Union). The Income And Expenditure Statement of College Funds and The Outlay Statement of College Labor Union Funds were also listened to at the conference.Moreover, the conference discussed and approved in the modification of the application requirements of the -type teachers in the college performance appraisal.

During the conference, representatives earnestly fulfilled the duties of democratic supervision and political participation, and, gave full play to the role of gathering strength, offering advice and suggestions and serving the overall objective, which fully reflected their strong sense of responsibility and mission. The conference asked the related departments to carefully classify, sort out and study the opinions and suggestions of the representatives, and , feasibly put them into practice and made some improvement in future work.



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