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Department of Computer Science and Technology of CCIS Held a Seminar on Research Achievements of Doctor Wei Lifang During Her Visiting Overseas

计算机学院en   Time: 2016-12-14  Author:  Visits: 12   

In the afternoon of December 8th, 2016, Department of Computer Science and Technology of CCIS Heldthe seminar on research achievements of Doctor Wei Lifang during her visiting overseas at Room 601 of Xiaan Engineering Laboratory Building B. Dr. Wei Lifang briefly introduced her research and study during one-year's visiting at the University of North Carolin, America. She also elaborated two kinds of research methods and her results in Medical Image Registration  Based on Machine Learning. Afterwards, she shared her research achievements with teachers from Department of Computer Science and Technology and Department of Software Engineering.

In addition, Professor Zhou Shucheng organized a group of experts to make assessment on Wei Lifang’sresearch and study during visiting abroad and they widely recognized and praisedthe work and achievements of Doctor Wei.



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