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Students of CCIS Achieved The First Prize in The 2016 Black Shield Cup Network and Information Security Competition of University Students in Fujian Province

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On November 27th, 2016, Fujian Black Shield Cup Network and Information Security Competition of University Students was held in Fujian Normal University. Representative team 0xFAFU(Instructors: Ji Xiangmin, Zhou Shucheng, Shu Zhaogang), composed of Zhang Xu, Chen Shaonan, Zhou Xiaorong, students from 2014 Network Engineering of CCIS won the First Prize after six-hour tight rivalry. It was the first time that FAFU had got the first prize. Meanwhile FAFU also was awarded the Prize for Best Organization.

It was reported that there were altogether 60 representative teams consisted of 180 students from 20 colleges and universities attending this competition. This competition was hosted by Fujian Network and Information Security Coordination Group Office, Fujian Information Association as well as Fujian Computer Federation,and was undertaken by Fujian Key Laboratory of Network Security and Cryptography Technology as well as Professional Committee of Computer Security of Fujian Computer Federation, etc. It was aimed at enhancing college students network security awareness, information security technology application ability and comprehensive design ability to develop and select excellent teams and talents for information network security construction. The organizers showed that they would provide platform of the integration of industry, university and research institute and preferentially recommend the winners to the renowned enterprises and institutions in Fujian Province.



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